I am running in the 2016 Australian Federal Election for the Senate (Western Australia) for the Liberal Democratic Party. I am a libertarian, software engineer, husband and father of three.

My principles are based on a Libertarian philosophy of:
1. Small and limited government;
2. Low taxes;
3. Peace and tolerance;
4. Free speech;
5. Personal responsibility.

I believe that Australia needs more freedom and liberty to be a prosperous and strong civil society.

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2 comments on “About
  1. Hi Graeme.
    Just starting to learn more about the LDP.

    Sounds interesting so far as long as its all true and you guys arent just another party who says the right things but then behaves just like the other idiots.

    • The LDP are a principled party. We have one senator (David Leyonhjelm) and he has been the beacon of Libertarian philosophy in parliament. You can check his voting record.

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