I recently bought for the family the classic game, Monopoly. I have very fond memories of playing this in my youth with my friends and cousins. I can only ever remember “winning” once; which is a lesson on how hard it is to actually control a monopoly for any length of time. The game is the same from when I played it, but the modern age of smart phone cameras mean we can take a picture of the current state of play, pack it up and continue the next night.

My kids (aged 7 and 5) love it. It teaches them risk, chance, math, currency, tax, negotiation, property rights (“pay me my bucks” as my son proclaims), capitalism, mortgages, liquid (cash) vs fixed (property, buildings) assets, marginal utility (getting that last property to collect the colour set is worth much more than its face value) and to never, ever trust the (central) banker.

I do laugh at Rule #11 (which I can confirm is true):


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